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How to change the bpm of a sample without changing it's duration to fit in 8 measures, 4 measures etc?

I have a sample that's duration is 53 seconds. The bpm is 124. To fit well in my song I want to change the duration to 1 minute and keep it at 124 bpm, but when I change the duration to 1 minute the bpm goes down to 109. Anyway I downloaded an other sample that is 15 seconds length and 125 bpm. Interesting that when I changed the bpm the length also changed, but fit well in 8 measures.
Here's the video: https://www7.zippyshare.com/v/AeDK6e3h/file.html

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Find out what's the sample

Find out what's the sample real BPM, once you do just go to the editing window and under (Tools) go to the (pitch/time) window, in there set the time to the original tempo or bpm plus set it to the tempo or time that you want to sync too, for example if the the sample BPM its 109 but you want to work in 124 BPM, set the TIME from 109 to 124 in the pitch/time window and that's it, that's how you can set a sample to sync to tempo in caustic

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Short answer... stretching

Short answer... stretching any sample will always change it's bpm. For example say you have a 60 sec sample that is 60bpm. Stretch it to 120 sec and it will be 30 bpm. 60 beats is 60 beats whether its 60 sec. or 120 sec.

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Could it be that the sample

Could it be that the sample is 124 bpm but not 36 bars but only 35 long? Then you maybe have to shorten the song.