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How do you start your songwriting?

I can't seem to find "it". Everything I can make right now is dull sleepy pad loops without inspiration. Really. Damn. Stuck. So I ask you, dear caustic professionals, what's your approach to songwriting? How do you start something good?

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I suffer exactly the same...

I suffer exactly the same...


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There are a few methods I use

There are a few methods I use to battle this type of writer's block. They are now grafted into my overall process. Which is typically to start my songs off by sound hunting. Usually for drums. Also here is the first tip. Get fresh sounds. I inspired by hearing samples and sounds. When listening to new sounds it's hard not to get ideas. After I have my sounds I lay down some drum loops. Complex loops at first. Then, working backward I remove elements to get "root loops" that Will feature early in the song and in breakdowns. I can then build my drums progressively throughout the song. Drums Al'so serve to control the mood of sections of your song. Next I craft my bass lines. I use the pcm with sub samples I've gathered thru the years. Next is mid bass and mid synths. These support and highlight the bass line. And provide the main bass melody. Then I get a main synth for the main melody. And then it's one shots and effects. EQing and once that's all done it's time to sequence. By the time I've gotten to this point the song writes itself. I've usually created enough loops or ingredients that I'm ready to prepare the final meal. Hope that helps!

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I often do the same thing as

I often do the same thing as jthabrain's sound hunting but I stay inside Caustic.  I go to a synth I haven't used in a while, and start poking through presets. When something sounds different or interesting, I might make a little pattern and while its looping, I start messing with the settings on that synth like filters, lfos, attack, etc.  While this is happening, it often starts triggering musical ideas based on the new sounds, sometimes in directions I wouldn't have thought of if I was just sitting there trying to get ideas.


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The way I work through music

The way I work through music is the way I work through 3d modeling. I often start off with basic whole notes, I immediately assume this would be my bass, so shoot for low notes. This is the outline. Most of the time, it just begins with a simple measure of 4 whole notes, then play with the tempo to see what you like. From there, some ideas might appear. I'm working on a project as I type, so I'll detail the process a bit more. I chose; D F C G. Afterwards I went to 150BPM, something I'm a bit comfortable with and enjoy music at. Add a lead, something thats your high end and really stands out. I'll be using my Trumpet N Bass Modular synth preset (feel free to use this in your own projects). Make sure every first note of your lead matches up with your bass note, your most prominent note. Afterwards, you can fill in blanks and in betweens of those notes for your lead. I usually add a beatbox after this, just to get more of a feel that would mold my track. (Use any effects when you want, try and experiment with as much as you can). After that, I'm pretty sure you can envision a track afterwards. Just layer a bit to keep the flow going.

I'll give the caustic file I was working on while attempting to type this (it's a lazy file just made to show something off. Its not gonna be anything much). You could use all of the presets you want in here, all of them except the beatbox preset are some I've made a while back.

Caustic Song file (optional):