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Quick OrganSynth Jazzy Demo C3Alpha

I did some EIPSO modelling to get a more realistic tone out of this synth (I am a Hammond freak and know it inside and out)... having some troubles with automation and a few other issues, but here's a taste of what Caustic 3 is capable of, for modelling and other cool stuff I have planned....

For those who really care to know:   I simulated preamp gain stages, created a C/V scanner (the vintage "chorus" effect... actually a 16 step mechanically sequenced delay line") swell pedal and power amp gain stage, as well as other crossover and rolloffs for leslie horn effect)

Enjoy a quick bite FWIW

Oh yeah, I didn't touch a keyboard making this... I entered each note by finger into the sequencer.... ugh talk about hand cramp  LOL


Matt Kwid
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Hell yeah, walk that bass!

Hell yeah, walk that bass!

The organ sounds pretty good.

Was jamming to Dr. Lonnie Smith's new one last week.

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Sounds great Jason! Is this

Sounds great Jason! Is this done on a single OrganSynth or did you use a seperate one for the bass line?