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ugly resonance using bells in FM SYNTH

Trying to improve a bell sound I had I can't manage to remove the resonant sound when playing a bell. It always leaves like a very high pitched ugly metalic tail behind and almost hurts my ears.

How could I remove that?


SToons Music
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My eyes get you but my ears

My eyes get you but my ears are bewildered. My suggestion? Save your preset. Create a new Caustic file, load the preset, save the Caustic file, upload it so we can haz a look and listen, figure out what's going on with the overtones.

FM synthesis can be difficult to control, there are somewhat unpredictable relationships between the 3 operators. It might be as simple as lowering the Release value on one operator or altering it's pitch etc., but depending on if controls are linked and numerous other parameters then who knows ... it's a very difficult question to answer based on a written description such as yours.

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SToons is right that it's

SToons is right that it's hard to diagnose without an example.  If the issue is in a a trailing sound, certainly the first thing to adjust is the release amount on one or more of the operators. Go overboard and crank it all the way down to see if any one of them is the reason for your trailing sound. If you can't get it perfect to your ear, you can always add some filtering to reduce the highest frequencies.