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Astro Galactica
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i need help with something...

so i would like to use a physical mixer with caustic3.

i just wanted to see if there was specific mixer i need and if i need to get something else if mixers wont work.

i could just get a volca sample, but i want something cheaper.

(what i mean is, i need something that acts like a usb midi keyboard but  instead of a keyboard its a  mixer)


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While I, unfortunately, don't

While I, unfortunately, don't have an answer to your question, I want to help you find your answer faster:

It'd be better to post questions like this in the "General Questions" forum, since this applies and isn't very off-topic :)





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You want to control the

You want to control the Caustic mixer with a physical mixer? Well you need a midi controller with a mixer-like layout.. For example a Novation LaunchControl XL, or Akai Midi Mix. There are 14 mixer channels in Caustic but you can only midi map the first 7 channels..

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The mixer is set up for on

The mixer is set up for on screen mode. Controllers mapped to channels 1-7 will, also, control channels 8-14.