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Ultimate List of My Favorite EDM Sample Packs. All Totally Free!!!

You will agree that Caustic 3 is an application with infinite capabilities, probably the best mobile DAW ever made.  With such a powerful application in your hands, it is natural to want to work with it using good quality samples, possibly for free and with Royality license.  That's why I decided to share my favorite EDM samplepacks list with you, with good quality sounds and above all for free !!!  I hope you enjoy this article and it will help you take full advantage of the infinite possibilities that Caustic 3 offers us!  Having said that we begin our journey:

1)Revealed Starter Pack Vol. 1-4

(https://www.alonso-sound.com/product/revealed-producer-starter-pack-vol-1 https://www.alonso-sound.com/product/revealed-producer-starter-pack-vol-2 https://www.alonso-sound.com/product/revealed-producer-starter-pack-vol-3 https://www.alonso-sound.com/product/revealed-producer-starter-pack-vol-4

You got it right! These samples were created in collaboration with the famous record label Revealed! Already these four packs with their 1600 samples and loops are an excellent starting point to create impact edm tracks! And we are only at the beginning ...

2) Producer Shop Free Samples


Take a look at this delicious section of free Samples. You will find loops, kits and above all midi files with which you can broaden the horizons of your imagination! 

3) Hy2rogen Free Samples


This section of free samples is excellent, especially for those looking for a massive amount of Synth Shots and glitchate vocal loops. Check it out because it deserves a lot! PS: with each registration, the user is awarded 300 points with which it is possible to purchase (actually paying nothing) some of the less expensive samplepacks in the store!

4) Incognet Big Free Samples X Pack


I think this package is noteworthy for a valid reason: a commercial package that I find very useful has been inserted inside it. The package in question is the following: http://sounds.beatport.com/pack/incognet-one-shots-vol-1/7314 

5) Producer Spot Free Samples


A rather interesting site where you can find a fair amount of good quality drum samples.

6) W.A. Production Free Samples


This little to say. Enter this site and get lost among the countless free packages that embrace the most diverse genres of EDM: from Tropical House to Trap, from Big Room to Future Bass and so on ... You will probably need a really large SD card if you want download all these samplepacks. There is really everything, drum samples (hundreds of Big Room kicks among other things), midi files, constuction kits, Synth Shots etc ..

7) Zampler Free Patches


Are you wondering what the expansion packs of a software for Windows have to do with Caustic 3? Well know that, basically, the presets of this sampler are in the SFZ format that is fully compatible with the PCM Synth of Caustic 3 !!! Noteworthy is the expansion "Noisefactory EDM"!

8) Ztekno Free Samples

(https://soundcloud.com/ztekno/free-1201-top-loops https://soundcloud.com/ztekno/ztekno-3000-techno-sounds-full-demo-1)

Just read the titles of these two huge packages to realize the amount of good quality techno samples that can be accessed for free!

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Thanx a lot! I especially

Thanx a lot! I especially like those .sfz patches for my PCM Synth!