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Looking for classic DX7/Rhodes FMSynth Presets

I have gone through all the FMSynth presets on this site and have searched all over the internet trying to find some classic DX7/Rhodes Electric Pianos for the FMSynth.  I'm quite amazed that I can't seem to find anything.  The Yamaha DX7 - which the FMSynth is modeled after - was famous for the great electric piano sounds it could create.  Yet I can't find anything like it for the Caustic FMSynth! 

Can any one help with some links or suggestions? 

Thanks in advance!


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They're fairly different synths.

This is not, I am afraid, what you asked for. Rather, it is my attempt at explaining one reason as to why you might have such a hard time finding any DX7 sounds for the the Caustic FM synth.

Basically, I wouldn't say the Caustic FM synth is modeled after the Yamaha DX7 in particular. The DX7 has six operators per voice and most, if not all, of its factory patches are using all of them, while the Caustic FM synth has three operators per voice. Their respective envelope generators works a bit differently and the DX7 has a set of parameters to control how the level of each operator changes across the keyboard. Also their knob ranges are different.

So, while they are both nice FM synths, they are sufficiently different to make it fairly hard to faithfully replicate the sound of any particular patch from one to the other (and FM synthesis tends to be quite non-intuitive to begin with). That said, someone better versed in FM synthesis than, say, me, should be able to get some decent electric piano sound out of an Caustic FM synth, as that's, as far as I've understood things, a type of sound that lends itself fairly well to FM synthesis, but I doubt it will sound just like any of the DX7 pianos.

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Would chime in agree. But two

Would chime in agree. But two build a dx7 fmsynth "is like build a group patch"

Like where u combine elements of caustic many machines for the variety of 1 particular sound.
And it is the idea u creating. Not the exactness. Have fun.

Don't take the idea soooooo serious!!!

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In other words... Mix a mod

In other words... Mix a mod synth with fm synth. Add u a fm generator could u not blend the sound u are after???

Mi personally.... It's possible. I would not know where and how two start such.

Because any other machine would not be true two a fm synth so two speak.

Even if u was two use a hard sample file of a fm synth.

Still more whatever use two process dat sound vocoder. Pcm. Again. Have fun.