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New track 'Mesmerised' - more lovely, silky, hypnotic techno acid vibes

Caustic Song file (optional): 

A genuine new track - started and finished this month, instead of an old stem I've resurrected.

I think the drums came first and I used a trick I learnt from Rob Farley (automating the decay on the perc to introduce some movement / life).

The rest fell into place pretty easily.

I think the drops / breaks could have been amped up to introduce / release more tension but then again, it's not a big time, big room sound that I was aiming for. 

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I missed this, just got to

I missed this, just got to hear it now. I particularly like the lead on this track. The last drop at 3;27, has a nice build, using filtering, I guess, but peaks too soon before it can push you back into full sound, but that's minor thing. I liked!