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Lost patterns

Hi all! I'm having a bug with caustic where most of the machines all rename to the same name, and any patterns in the renamed machines are lost.

You'll see this attached image the first few machines are fine then then the rest have renamed to "Rhodes". I only had one named Rhodes originally. And now my work is gone from the ones that got renamed.


Do you guys have any workarounds for this? Is it a PCMSYNTH issue or is it to do with naming things in this view?

If I should stop renaming, how do you un-rename a machine?

I'm working on a Moto G6 which is Android 9 and the most recent version of caustic.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Daniele Zummo
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I have a Samsung galaxy j6,

I have a Samsung galaxy j6, Android 9 and I don't have this problem. Try writing to Rej by email.

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Try loading the song again.

Try loading the song again.

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Taking a guess that the file

Taking a guess that the file got corrupted.  If you save your work in different incremental files, go back to an older version.  If not you could try to e-mail Rej.