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Synthstation 49 and Caustic on iPad

So I just got this one, even got it working with Caustic pretty well, but I have one slight issue: Everything is sent in MIDI channel 1 and easily mappable, except the drum pads, which are in channel 10 (checked that by connecting to PC).

I went into options/CC mappings and found the BeatBox machine and tried to map "Play Ch1 (note/CC) to the drumpads, but input from them aren't recognized. Is this a limitation in Caustic or can I manually type in something via the Numpad?

I have no way of changing MIDI channels on the physical keyboard itself.

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The channels in Caustic MIDI

The channels in Caustic MIDI Beatbox setup are the drum sound channels, not MIDI channels. The SynthStation keyboard was really made to be used with the SynthStation iOS app which has not been updated in 8 years. I’d suggest getting a new keyboard or living with the limitations of the SS. 


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There are two MIDI modes in

There are two MIDI modes in Caustic. The first should play the instrument that is visible on the screen independent of the MIDI channel. For the second you probably have to place the keyboard instrument to slot 1 and the drum machine to slot 10. With the CC mappings for the BeatBox you can assign keys or pads or push-buttons to the 8 sample slots (please try this assignment in the first MIDI mode using MIDI learning).