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Travelchip - a full chiptune album written in solely in Caustic!

Hi everybody!

I meant to make a post about this sooner, but I really wanted to share a release I did last October!

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2lU5N0irR7QGi1HPWGdCHd
Bandcamp: https://brokenalias.bandcamp.com/album/travelchip

For two years I spent all my time while on the subway or traveling just working on music in Caustic, focusing primarily on chiptune/video game music. This album is the result :) Free to download and all that. It goes through a few different genres including some house and EDM type stuff, synthwave, DnB, dubstep, and rock-inspired tracks.

We did a limited run of custom cassette tapes too! (https://www.lagomaudiovisual.com/lav015). I even performed one of the tracks using Caustic a couple years ago (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwnVJ6-okO8) which kicked the whole project off.

If you feel like getting a little lofi and groovy feel free to check it out! Thank you Single Cell for making such an amazing piece of software, even in 2020 it's unrivaled for me as far as mobile DAWs go.