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This explains soooo much (( u tube )) of the mod synth in the shapes and colours by Andrew Huang

Hi. Its been forever since my person made its on post.

I has in down time. Attempting two set up a apple device (( 4gen i pad. I bought so many years earlier but i had alwas had trouble with passwords with apple. { it just was not time two handle a apple device daily.} ))

Well long story short device has old issues and need a computer... (( two be continue how dat goes.

But i was looking up vids for silicondroid hexen tutorials on their newly up dat modular synthesizer euro rack. ((( i had made s scrappy review in comparison of helping them with their growth of this app.

But Andrew Huang i follow on u tube. For how much fun he has doing music. Its not work in how he does his expression


It explain the modular two where s child could understand and pick the modular and develop custom patches.