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How to operate knobs on Android?


I am reading the book "How to program synthesizer" by Ashley Hewitt. There are many interesting exercises in this book, which is recommending Caustic.
And indeed Caustic is really good tool. So I started to follow tasks.

However on Android I have a bit of problem.

My finger are perhaps not a tight long pianist fingers, but thick ones :-D.

And mostly on the screen I do not see anything under them, so when in the book is requested to change the knob to "3pm",
then I am doing a lot of attempts to make it.
It is even harder, when the request is to move e.g. semitones knob for 7 steps - that kind of request is killing me :-D.

Do you have any tips how can I do it better (on Android)?
Are there any options to have an extra small window which is showing what is happening under the finger?

On PC with big screen and precise mouse pointer there are no problems, but Caustic is intended to be used on Android :-).

Thanks in advance for any advice and best regards,

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First, use landscape not

First, try using landscape not portrait mode. Touch the knob but do not release. As you hold your finger down slide it far away from the knob (there will still be a blue circle surrounding the active knob) to make the adjustments before releasing, it will allow far better control. The closer your finger is to the knob the harder it is to make small adjustments.

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I am already using landscape mode :-D.
Your tip is doing the job. Great idea.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

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If your device supports OTG,

If your device supports OTG, plug a mouse into it. Highly recommended for detailed editing. And/or get a stylus, or two.

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Smaller devices turning knobs

Smaller devices turning knobs in caustic on Android r harder in general.
Pressing the right key as well.

My advice?

Get u a bigger device.

Go two a pawnshop and look for larger tablet for the cheap.

Everything is larger. ((( I have experienced on 7in and 8 I like the 8 for this very reason.
I like the 7in cause it's right for my eyes. )))

Everything is not picture perfect.

And it feels not needed according two eyesight. But for "the fat finger club" it works!!!

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Hi! I do agree with all the

Hi! I do agree with all the tricks already told.
Also, I would recommend you to plug a MIDI controller, using one OTG adapter. Is really hepful with the knobs, faders and also, to record notes and sequencies. I use a small Arturia, it works very well, latency low enaugh to allow me to play and record in real time.
I hope it helps! Saludos!