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Hiding menu "Effects" in wave editor is not working as expected


Sorry to bother you, but I am further plying with Caustic :-).

In the wave editor, when I am touching or clicking on: File, Edit, Process and Tools one time, the sub menu pops up on the left side.
Then when I am clicking on those buttons second time, it sub menu hides.

This is not the case for Effects. The effects are showing up, but second touch or click on effects does not hide sub menu.
The workaround is to click on e.g. File and then second time on File, but ... I expect behavior of the Effect button/menu is the same as others.

I mean this feature is mentioned here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c69kmYUTkKw

I had tested this on Android using Caustic 3.2 and on PC I had check on the same version.

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It's because on the Effects

It's because on the Effects page there is no sub-menu of different commands like on all other menu pages which have options, there is only a slot for an effect.

On other Menu items such as File, Tools etc once you choose a sub-menu item it simply performs a function; clicking the tab again makes the work area larger again and therefore easier to edit, zoom etc.

When adding an effect, you expect the effect to always be visible so it can adjusted at any time.

That's my guess. I dont see why this is really of any concern to you whatsoever. It has never created any problem for me, seems like an odd waste of your time and energy.

As a music teacher I often get students, usually adults and often engineers (or programmers), that are difficult to teach, they get too concerned with minutiae and they progress far slower than children. I use this analogy:

If I point to a stop sign and say "that means stop" most are satisfied with that statement. That is all one needs to knows for the Stop sign to be effective. The student that will not learn well is the person who asks "Why 8 sides? Why Is it red? Why Is it placed 6 feet up? " etc. Those questions are irrelevant to the function of a stop sign unless you are asked to create one yourself, and furthermore they detract one from what is important in moving ahead because they are wasting time and energy, not just for themselves, but for the teacher or person trying to assist as well.