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Patched Modular Drums

Caustic Song file (optional): 

Back with some patches i made with the Modular including a kick,snare and a hat.

PF contains a stereo yoi bass that i made with modular also(BitCrusher needed),and a plucky preset too...

Im working on a cymbal now trying to make it as clean as possible.


Quick snare tip:

If you wan't your snare be more alive get an EQ and boost around 1k - 2k.Compression and Distorition(Saturation) can make things much better.


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By any means is my person

By any means is my person attemptin' two take away your glory of your creation hell to the no.

But if this sparks other ideas
mirrors so of your handy work
and or
it shows another way two which u both created the same end game result just a different song.

I don't sea why not this is another example of possiblities.


((( This is much a older post. As their is a sub synth contest dat was done which was also inspirational. )))

I feel crappy because dat previous forum post of sum years ago is not available for download.

My fault.


However this is a good follow up.