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Patricio Calatayud
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Reaper and Caustic

Is there a way to send MIDI from Reaper to Caustic?


I managed to send info to track one but, besides it says that we have channeles 1 - 14, I cannot send MIDI info to chan2

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Have you try to check "One

Have you try to check "One midi channel per instrument (1..14) in the MIDI tab ?

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When you say "send".... you

When you say "send".... you just want to get the MIDI composition from Caustic into the DAW?

I mean, just go to Export, and select MIDI as the format. I'd just export all the individual tracks one by one so they can be named and stored unambiguously, then you can just drag and drop them into the Reaper workspace, arm an instrument on the channel, and you're away.

Edit; just noticed this was >6mths ago, doh!