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offGrid Kickstarter project showing Demo with Caustic

Hi everyone, a few weeks ago i backed a Kickstarter Project which just got me with their nice product presentation video - they asked all the backers with which software they should produce demos and I asked for Caustic - they fulfilled my wish - have a look - really cool in my opinion :). 

At the bottom there's the video.


P.S.: Apart from being a backer I am not connected with those guys - no advertisement intended in any way...

Sawiton M. Teevee
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That's pretty cool! I shared

That's pretty cool! I shared the link with the Audiobus community. 

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The thang is Roland zenbeats

The thang is Roland zenbeats is soooo kewl!!

Dat it's an openlabs product bought by Roland and dat sucker is hot!!?

Because Roland has unleashed Roland cloud which all of every machine they have ever made is in data form in the cloud for purchase thru using zenbeats.

Dat's fudgin' hottt!!!

So to have caustic up beside dat.... Is huge public exposure of what if people r still in the dark about making music mobile.

Which in the town I am in.
I run in two people all the time!!!

Questioning what my d.a.w. is.

And they can figure what the hell I just told them like I just dropped off the planet right before them and started a new language.

Sooooo in other words caustic is still in its infancy of what really all it can do.

Oh!! P.s. I did follow the link and I subscribe to follow it as well.