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PCM synth and Sound Font question.

I was looking for someone to help me understand the PCM presets, and how sound fonts can be imported and exported using Caustic.

What I would like to do is take some wave files I have and package them in a way that would work as a PCM synth preset, but also work as a soundfont for different software or samplers. Thus way I can share them with people even if they are not using Caustic.

So when I create a PCM preset with my wave samples, the preset itself is a file. Will this file be a sound font recognizable as a valid sound font in a different software, or even a device like an Akai sampler?

I admit I do not know much about this topic.

Any information would be appreciated.

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When you create a preset

When you create a preset.pcmsynth in Pcmsynth. This is the format. .pcmsynth

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Right. Is the pscmsynth file

Right. Is the pscmsynth file type specific to only caustic or is that the semi universal file type that can be used by other software and hardware devices? Is there a good way or program to edit a soundfont, or pcmsynth file?

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PCmsynth isn't a universal

PCmsynth isn't a universal file type, soundfonts are. And that's because there are software that can read and edit those.

Now, one I would reccomend would be "Polyphone".
Its a bit overwhelming but its capable to edit an array of soundfont types and export them to .sf2 that PCMsynth can read.
+ Its free and open source.

Now If you want to turn a pcmsynth preset into a soundfont I think you should be able to Merge rack to instrument then import the .zip into the app ^^ Good luck.