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What's your experience? What is the best online mastering service that gives incredible sound?

I know that there's the mastering app for caustic, but I want to do it faster plus I know nothing about those things like compressing, eq, limiting. I only know that I have to keep my mix in green before mastering. So what online mastering service should I choose? Landr, emastered, bandlab etc. Anyway I found majordecibel the best. But of course it's not free. Does it worth the money? I need your opinion.

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Do u know what u ssying in

Do u know what u ssying in your message?

I question because bandlab is nowhere what landr is.

Do u know what r online mastering services?

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This is only one review of

This is only one review of the services you mention:


but you can also listen to a track after being mastered by each of the services to hear the difference:


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Thank you. According to the

Thank you. According to the reviews cloudbounce has the best sound. But I couldn't try it out because after I uploaded my file at the end of the process it couldn't load the player to preview my master. Just got an error that the site failed to load. Anyway I found another site called https://www.wavemod.com/. The review that I found about this was good. So I also tryed by myself and it turned my very quiet track into a nice loud music. I will use wavemod to master my tracks.

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I would go even further two

I would go even further two investigate, who owns what company??

Who r these online services for mastering made up of??

As two why and rule them out.
Not soooo much trail and error could be costly just as much my suggestion going with a trusted company who has longevity two extent a greater service or business.

Those companies dat would invest costly r "market - changers." And have been setting trends in equipment and t.v. and film.
Thus.... Sum would break a bank two do so. mostly, our money.

Thus.... These places have many large warehouses of studios for such an online services. as who r they?? out - sourced for servers for such venture.
Is it local???
Local to where??
Local to u??
Or local to them??
And where r they based??

Thus why the heavier price tag.

Thus r they just online for mastering??

R they givin' u a package bundle deal for marketing and promotions.
The larger companies can do so.

Thus how is the online marketing campaigns they have??

Meaning if the budget plan is overkill of your budget.... Not a budget plan company but break the bank company.
Knowing who owns what essentially.

Ohhh my go'_oosh!!!
Asking a mouthfull loaded - ass - question like dat regardless of if u think u have chosen the right 1 all. I just message will be apart of what u should consider in the future.

Cause why r u doing music in the first place two be needing mastering.... if u have not already had your hand in thinking about how u wanna dat sound, marketed.

Unless u got your own marketing campaign of u know a million + people.

Marketing promotional campaigns r just as stuuu'_oopid expensive and most companies won't tell all of what they will do in marketing and promotions.
U gotta demand it if u r worth it.

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PS I forgot did u know dat

PS I forgot did u know dat sum of these places r legendary studios DAT where on the turn of going out of business for sum reason.

And sum companies dat do the online mastering services r front of scamming u for more money for lower quality.

Because their main focus is suppose two be t.v.& film mastering.
Thus the leak of the company of a hungry executive has a side hustle.
dat is how sooooooo many companies have sprung up offering such services.
But nothing can be proven.
Because as long they r paid clientele.
They will want a music video.

Watch out!!!! Their r snakes in the grass.

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For those dat read this post.

For those dat read this post.

My problem with this post is. Landr is a tv and film mastering online service. They have more than 1 type of package deal.

Bandlab is a online production app. Not a mastering online service.

Meaning.... It has the ability two post your final thoughts on what u think is your best work on the arrangements. And how u sea your mix.

Thus u can share within the bandlab community what u did
Hoping someone has mastering ear.

Will touch and make the additional effort two make your song sound even better.

But it is still a random person not knowing if they r creditable. To master.

Even if they post credituals of being licensed cerifiy by a major recording degree in music production school.

The cheapest is bandlab. But its not a online mastering service.

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"The cheapest is bandlab. But

"The cheapest is bandlab. But its not a online mastering service."

Incorrect. They do offer a free automated algorythmic mastering service:


I'm not claiming it's great but it is available.

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And where did you get this "knowledge" that landr is just for tv and film mastering, maybe you do some research before answering such posts

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I follow up with it has how

I follow up with it has how they have been in business. Kinda insiders info. Maybe they r not the same as before.

But come on.
Think about it.

These online mastering services r getting either as cheap per song or
They got something else up their sleeve.
Anything two get u in.

I had look u what was dat a package bundle by landr i wanna say i phone was apart too....

I think it was called something "tunecore".

It was fairly cheap for mastering marketing and promoting your music by the song.

Now... It mite be more balanced platform for mobile cause spotify was also in there list as well.

Where back in the day from 1985 marketing & promotion books((( i had a uncle dat expose mi two read these periodicals two investigate my craft. "Most people don't have a historical perspective" he said. Idk. ))).

Where a song played on the radio how u got paid $3.00 everytime your song was played.
((( Don't idk what u was gettin' paid per song played on the radio at dat time.
Just made up a figure to make something to follow with explaing details. )))

Understanding the annually and semi annually was harsh of how much u could make but not get paid or have any money by the time u pay out all the people.

Why it took ywars two get paid.

If a service offers u something and it doesn't help u very well. Better two explore your options as best as u can.

Its something two dat if its too basic.
soooo expensive out of reach of range.

How can this help the individual starting struggling two understand what they need two do.

Splice is online mastering service for alot of the plug-ins { dat is rent to own.} u could find r connected thru other users like bandlab
But its not an app idk. ((( Its been years since i followed it. )))

Splice a monthly to a yearly membership not free.

((( This is has been my eye candy for years!!! Why start such a purchase win u struggle two keep paying for it. )))

I question the very beginning of the post because it qas so vague. Maybe there is someone out there dat does not know

Would dat help someone too.

I get it. I am caught up only asking for what i am looking for on this forum. But i also think somebody is gonna ask the same thang.

I was looking Abbey road red alumni because.. Its one of the authentic sources
of Beatles & Jimmy Hendrix's sound in London which has a online mastering. And cloud bounce is apart of them.

Fact check anything i post and explain. Pleaee.

I don't know everything.
and i am willing two learn twice as much.

if i have two double down on what is exposed.

i may not get very far.

But its the thought of the effort.