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Hard Trance (Garage-punk/R&B inspired energy underneath)

It's a metapop link again. Less of a pain than Soundy..
(MAy delete a soundcloud one in a minute and pop the link up there... dunno... see how sluggish the bandwidth is)
(Must open that new account... space....)
So yeh, once i got this rumble with tweaks to make sure certain rumbling tones got subtly scary and felt everywhere, and had them timed to recur just at what so far is till perfected as much as needed, the right places to co-incide with other frequencies when everything else is all kicking off.
Far from perfect, much further arranging, and transitions to write.
And not even ready to drop the stems into Ableton yet.
But i DO really like the energy of where the actual main groove is pointing with this.
So will keep trying to take this one forward. Something in my gut with this.