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Midi detected and mapped but no sound plays in BeatBox

Bought the full iOS version as its such a great app but I have an issue with Caustic...

It detects drumpad keys that Ive set in the CC Mappings (CC# 22 to 29) but in the BeatBox rack it doesnt trigger sound. I can see the midi icon flashing when hit the pads though so it's definately detecting it. Playing on keyboard works but would much rather use the pads.

Devices and software used:

  • iPad 2 with iOS 9.3.5
  • Caustic 3.2.0
  • Arturia MiniLab midi keyboard using Camera Connector Kit

I did a test by manually typing in the numpad (eg: "72"), and that didnt work. It would work only if hit the key when its learning which would say "72 (note)". Seems to be a difference in manually inputting number and learning.

I assume this is a bug. Help appreciated.

Edit: Fixed it by mapping the pad keys as Midi Note on Channel 1 using the Midi Control Center application in Windows which uploads settings to the Arturia MiniLab. Hope this helps someone.