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"Alpha 3" a Caustic 3 test song

Featuring my newest PocketKit test kit..... still needs alot of work, but I really love how it turned out in this mix....

Ok, here are the lyrics:

I woke up late last night,

It was dark so I had to turn on the light;

I turned my tablet on, 

And started working on this song...


Caustic 3 has so many features,

Insert effects and new synthesizers

So I'll make a fool of myself, 

So get ready for a headbangin' ballad


It's Alpha Three.....

I'm testing Caustic 3

I'ts Alpha Three....

I don't know why it makes me scream,

so I'll do an organ solo.

Ok, 3.5 hours start to finish, not one single hiccup or crash.... only gripe is Automation oddness with organ drawbars, but I forced it the hard way to do what I wanted, but we'll look at that issue in the Beta testing stage...

I'm off to bed now, goodnight everybody!


Rej - Dev
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Awesome stuff Jason. Which

Awesome stuff Jason. Which machine did you use to store the vocals, the vocoder itself or a pcmsynth?

i kinda wanted to hear another pass the "headbanging" chorus at the end though, maybe an extended version...

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'Its Alpha 3' part...........

'Its Alpha 3' part...........................just wow man!!! yesyes A small request can you make a full track of this song? 


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wow that was really great!..

wow that was really great!...i agree with rej though. a second pass of the chorus at the end would be perfect.cool

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Awsome organ solo, funny

Awsome organ solo, funny lyrics to:-)

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Impressive track Jason! Your

Impressive track Jason! Your drum programming is excellent, I suspect that you actually play drums...?

Organ sound and solo is very convincing. Please tell me you played this live and didn't program it!

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Well..... um..... yes I do

Well..... um..... yes I do play drums, and some other instruments, like keyboards....

FMSynth used for guitars and bass... did very very quick modelling on them there....

However, for this song, I didn't play anything live.... I punched in all the notes, keyboard palm swipes, everything all using the pattern editor... no keyboard was touched making this...

Rej, check your email.... will answer all your questions and then some....  But in a nutshell.  I recorded and edited directly in Caustic, created a PCMSynth preset, by splitting up the recordings (to keep under the 24 second limit right) and let the vocoder run from it as the carrier.

It was super fun to make and was worth only sleeping 4 hours last night..... cool


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I knew you had to be a player

I knew you had to be a player! The secret to realistic programming is knowing how a real player would play it and it's quite obvious in your track that you know. Great job!

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Wow!!! Jason! Great job

Wow!!! Jason! Great job Always!!! VocorderA+ BasslineA+ OrganA+ DrumsA+ .... Whole mix! AAA+ I really like your Baseline, it was gliding Super Nice!!!! I had visions of little hologram people floating over my phone playing different instruments.. HA' HA' .... Great job!!! P.s (I gotta go listen to it again!)

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Wow!! Really, really good!

Wow!! Really, really good! amazing job on every track. Smart use of the vocoder, powerfull drumpart with a killer sound. And the growling organ chorus is great! Who would believe this comes out from a phone app.Yes, it is Caustic3 coming, people! Thanks Jason. And yes, you have to make a longer version ;-)

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Thanks jblann1 !

Thanks jblann1 !

Hello to all. That's my first time on the forum.

I bought caustic2 and a galaxy tab 2 7" two months ago. I wanted to have a musical notepad to replace my good old QY70.

I'm used to studio gear, I own a few synths from Yam, E-mu, Clavia and Roland. I used to play and design analog ones... and to design audio software.

 I must say that I am delighted by Caustic 2 synthesis capabilities, quality (low aliasing), CPU efficiency and reliability.

I only hope that Android latency will improve in the future.


So when i listen to this Caustic III demo... i am really aware of the fantastic amount of work behind the scene.

Congratulations Rej !





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Hi and welcome and thanks!

Hi and welcome and thanks! Hey i recognised the transistor symbol on your icon btw lol.....

Andy Bones
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Very impressive man!  I love

Very impressive man!  I love the organ solo.  Mad respect for the skills

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Hey thanks AB, where been

Hey thanks AB, where been hiding? I simply cant wait to hear what you gonna cram in with C3....