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Help Using Caustic on Galaxy Tab 10.1 Custom Rom

Hello Everyone.

I had been using my very old Galaxy tab 10.1 (android 4) with caustic very smoothly, but the rest of the tablet was almost unusable. no Youtube or Any other apps worked. so I found a custom Rom for it and decided to install. tablet is now running android 7 and works incredibly well, Caustic installed and works fine, except it suddenly starts glitching out and you can see the cpu meter go to yellow which never happend before,

Already tried some options like the Audio Api and the latency, tried a standard quality skin to see if that helped but no luck. 

I know it being a custom rom it was bound to be messy but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions like in the developer options or something else to try. app is still usable mostly so I'll keep using it 

Thanks in advance