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OMG How Are You All

Old Skool Caustic Warriors Remember Me? Lol.. HAhaa... Been sometime! Got on my old Soundcloud and found this from 6 yrs ago. WOW!!! Made off the Caustic 3 app.. Love you Rej for creating this APP my guy! I been on music DAW's, multiple.. BUT!!! I don't know what it is man... I keep running to Caustic, on the app, then transfer it to the PC version.. Am i getting old? I guess so. Lol.. My ability to post music has slowed down. Been working a normal job, which i hate! i'd rather post up, and get paid making music! That's what i'm aiming for.. Lol.. I ain't forgot neither one of you..  I make (Hip Hop) but messing around with ya'll, had me testing skills on House/Techno/ and other genres which yall would critique. Hahaa But i love ya'll for it! Put me on my toes, from the what to do's and the what not's... :-) One more thing! I'm not saying the Caustic warriors anymore! I'm saying Caustic Fam or Family!!! Love Ya'll...       K-Boog Aka AuxiliaryDaMuthaFuckinPlug      #Iaintforgotmyhomeyall #Lol #Justbeenbusywithlife

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Hey, nice to see you are

Hey, nice to see you are still kickin.

Peace, Mike

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Good to hear, from you :)

Good to hear, from you :)

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Fam :)

Fam :)

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Hi K.Boog! Nice to hear

Hi K.Boog! Nice to hear something from you.


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Glad the 1 beat is still

Glad the 1 beat is still poppin'!