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No Keyboard No Problem?

I know that many people have found ways to incorporate hardware into their Caustic production, keyboards, controllers, etc.  I just wanted to say that I have 77 tracks on SoundCloud, all created in Caustic and all of them were entered note-by-note in Caustic. I know in some circumstances, I could have more creative freedom if I just had a keyboard to create patterns.  On the other hand, entering notes into a pattern by hand does make you think a bit more about what you are doing, you don't "noodle".  

So, I wondered if anyone had opinions or thoughts about the differences in creating music in a structured way, note by note, versus playing the notes into Caustic with a keyboard.  I like what I've done, as I've done it, but if I had the chance to be using a keyboard, I would dive right into that, too. Everything is just a tool to let you express yourself but there are differences.  Let me know your thoughts.

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I think you have the really

I think you have the really good mindset about that, and yeah I make trakcks in caustic by drawing everything one by one, sure its not like playing an actual instrument and won't ever be, I do play accordion and Playing with caustic won't be like that, but  it's something else entirely when I'm using caustic I'm not limited to one timbre or sound.
Everything has its ups and downs. But whatever works, and drawing music is fun and works cheeky

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very interesting. speaking

very interesting. speaking for myself, I can say that the music I do in pattern mode, versus playing an instrument (keyboard, controller, but also guitar or percussion), feels completely different. none of them is better or worse, I just come up with different things in the end. but I definitely appreciate all of them.

sometimes, I'm not even sure people realize if something is played on a keyboard or entered note by note. I know that I've been very surprised, more than once, learning how certain things were accomplished :-) I think it really has to do more with the creative process, how you do things, rather than with the final result.

there are, of course, extremes: a blues guitar solo would be very hard to enter in Caustic, as a fast arpeggiator sequence would be very hard to play by hand. but most of the times, music is made for listening and enjoying, so who cares really.

on one point, however, I must disagree with you: you seem to imply that thinking about what you're doing is good, while "noodling" is bad. I tend to think the other way around :-) most of the music I enjoy listening to, and playing, is pure improvisation. freedom and feeling, noodling if you want, rather than carefully planned execution.

and besides, I noodle a lot in Caustic :-) sometimes I just draw shapes like a toddler, hear what they sound like, and build from there. some of my (I think) most original things were born as completely random stuff.

anyway, I can testify that your tracks, the ones I listened to, are *absolutely* fine as they are. so, without a doubt: no keyboard, no problem.