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Aster Blue
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Caustic 3 is amazing!

Hello! Everyone!,
Ok so I was checking the Caustic 3 forums once in a while and now I finally decided to make my own :)
My name is Devraj Gurung, I'm from Nepal and I go by the artist name Aster Blue and I have been using caustic since about 3 years ago and it is a wonderful software for mobile music production but unfortunately it seems the development has stopped but I am sure a new update will be on next Thursday ha ha ha

If you guys want to check out my works I've just released this new music made using Caustic 3
Hope you guys like:

Thank you!!

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Friday, I'm in love.

Friday, I'm in love.

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Caustic is the best! It's a pity you cannot add audio tracks. Tried it in a couple of offered options but it's a lot of work with a so,so quality because you have to adjust every clip. Still the best DHS though!