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Caustic on Linux TESTED

If anyone here is interested, or if this post crops up in anybody's searches, can confirm that I've recently jumped to Linux from Windows using Mint 20, and Caustic 3.2 runs installed inside Wine (I use Play on Linux) with no problems whatsoever. The app puts a direct shortcut on my OS desktop so it just behaves as a native program in many ways i.e.don't have to mess about starting up a VM or anything, and the project/output folders are in my Documents in the OS, not in the windows sandbox.

For what it is worth, using Wine - Reaper also works bug free except for the odd crash at startup, so does Addictive Drums 2, and Waves Diamond suite VST. Had zero problem getting my soundcard and favourite VSTs working and integrated, brilliant.

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thanks for the report, good

thanks for the report, good to know... I plan to swtich to Linux

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Can confirm, Caustic works

Can confirm, Caustic works with wine rather flawelessly. ^^

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while I also confirm Caustic

while I also confirm Caustic working exceptionally well on linux using wine, never had a single issue in years... unfortunately, I was never able to get MIDI input working :-(

if anybody succeeded, I'd really love to know if it's possible at all, and eventually try to understand what I'm doing wrong.




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Hmm, I only use grids/clicks

Hmm, I only use grids/clicks in Caustic and hardware keys outside of it, so I hadn't tried this... Linux can be notirious for driver issues so it could be that. There's probably workarounds out there. Ive got Akai MPK Mini II, and it has hooked up & works without any general grief within apps in WINE, but there is a latency in Caustic that I can't manage. Yet to test with any synths in Reaper. This doesn't happen with a simple native Linux synth program, so I don't think it is an inherant problem with Linux/MIDI in particular.

So I imagine that the problem is getting the MIDI communicated through the WINE interface without racking up enough latency to produce a perceived problem (usually >30ms delay). If network speeds don't suffer the same latency effects, which I imagine would be an issue given far greater priority by the Devs than MIDI conxns (playing Windows PC Games/Steam AFAIK is one of the main uses for Play On Linux)... I wonder - if 'net isn't affected, it is possible to get the MIDI in over LAN, through the terminal and into the VM with a lower latency than direct HW conxn heh.