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Making Bedroom Pop

How could I go about making bedroom pop with Caustic? I know it's probably the best DAW to use for bedroom pop (a studio on your phone), but I can't seem to get that feel I want. I've watched all the videos and downloaded acoustic bass and a 707 drumkit and even an OM87 Omnichord. Please help! I need this info so I can work on my next album.

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I would go with sharp colours

I would go with sharp colours and a quirky interior design, if you REALLY want that pop factor wow factor I would consider a four post, rug and incense also a must! Good luck!!!

womble dung
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Well, i HATE to be the one to

Well, i HATE to be the one to say it, but FIRST, you definately NEEED to get A BEDROOM!

(swooosh as he runs for cover!)

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Hey man! so you're into

Hey man! so you're into bedroom pop aswell? well i create "bedroom-considered" music aswell nowadays. umm first of all maybe you have to utilize a lot filters (mostly lowpass to get that lo-fi vibe) and ofc vinyl simulator, bitcrushing goes a long the way. and also 7th chords, 9th chords, something unusual from mainstream pop. and you need to record your guitar aswell maybe, run it through amp to get the color you want. the drums can be anything, not only 707. the chords and the reverb are the cardinal rule of bedroom pop, it what drives the vibe. good luck!