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Nosidel Montesino
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i moved from an android phone to iphone

i moved from an android phone to iphone and let tell you for them that doesn't know the Apple app store truly is like a candy land for mobile producers/beatmakers, it got everything that you would need and more and the best thing is the integration of apps, basically you can use other apps/ instruments & fx plugin called (auv3- audio unit extensions) which you can use in Daw apps like Cubasis 3, nanostudio2, beatmaker 2, flstudio 3, AUM ect, basically you can do everything that you can do in computer, and yes i got me all the apps in the market all the Daws, instruments, fx & processors Auv3 including Caustic 3 which got a few bugs and the biggest bug is exporting songs but my point is that even though i got what i need and way way more to produce, mix and master a complete track of music in the my phone, basically a complete DIGITAL AUDIO WORKSTATION, but i got to tell you the truth, i miss caustic even though i can still used it on my android phone, but im always carrying my iphone,,, anyways what im saying is that i wish to still used Caustic work flow exactly how it is right now but with the ability to use auv3 plugin and use it rack like, like the internal instruments of caustic, with the same concept, row up and down the rack with pianorow and everything else but also the fx auv3 with a sent bus & insert mix channels plus each instrument channel to at least have 6 inserts and 3 sent options including the master channel and that should be it, which its not that much of an update basically the ability to work with Auv3 and endless option of tracks for auv3 instruments and fx thats it, that includes caustic own instruments and thats it then we all on ios can have back caustic work flow which is the most important thing about caustic next to pcmsynth which is the most important instrument in caustic which concept don't exist in the app store,, and i bet that if the developers also makes it a auv3 it will be one of the top audio unit in the app store just like caustic could be the best ios DAW