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What is the best tablet for Caustic?

Hello everyone, 

I am a huge fan and heavy user of Caustic for 5 years now and it is time to get a new tablet. Please tell me which is the best specifically for using Caustic. I am open to ALL options. I have been using Android but will switch to iPad if necessary. Price is not a concern. I'm not sure if Caustic will run on the newer Android OS's. Currently I am considering getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet from 2018 because of the great reviews and decent specs. It has 4 gb of ram. I do understand that iPad's have a better DAC and will sound better than Android out of the box but I am going to get a standalone DAC for any Android tablet to improve the sound output so please consider that. Also, having browsed this forum I learned that iPad has a few issues that Android doesn't with Caustic. Any ideas will be appreciated! Thank you!


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I have got a Samsung Tab A

I have got a Samsung Tab A and Caustic runs with Android 9 resp. 10. The latency becomes low, when you switch the audio driver in the settings' menu. The most important thing for me is to be able to connect a headphone via a 3.5mm jack.