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The Best Music Production App for Android in 2020 / 2021
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With a right monitors and pc

With a right monitors and pc that can handle a lot, Caustic can deliver production that can rival real production studios. That's about that.

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Great!! Too bad Caustic

Great!! Too bad Caustic development seems to be abandoned :(

Would be cool if at least some new Caustic-related programs like Mastering, Guide, etc would see the light of day. Bringing some fresh air into the Caustic-sphere again.

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U do know [ mangalang.... ]

U do know [ mangalang.... ] Dat it is possible the developer is re doing the app from scratch. Being how he code and design this app.

I thought ahead. What would have two be done?

Well... With all the features dat have ever been asked. I just thought wasthe developer thinking on sum of these idea features..... Idk!!!

But my mind's eye has since developer has been busy.

And lets ignore the processing power of what mobile production sounds like verses a d.a.w. alright.

I got two thinkin' what is a collective uses what others have chimed over and over.... And any of those ideas breaks down how was caustic built in the 1st place?

From modular. Everything of his dream was just a modular synth. Sooooooo it was said dat under nearth every caustic machine is hook up two wiring two a massive modular.

So abandoned???
I think u need two think from another point of view.

Breaking down what he expand without breaking what is working is always the hardest think two do with any dammm good flawless craftsmanship.

Now.... Not perfect for everyone.
But stick around a fee more years.
It will be worth the wait.

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Cause two even expand the the

Cause two even expand the the machine slots.... Not just new machines. No ((( if u r only thinkin' this way small thinking. )))

Guide can be fixed by not the developer of caustic. But by the developer of the caustic guide himself.

And caustic mastering?

Well.... The support of caustic mastering was talk of going in 2 different directions then anyway!!

For it two be ultimate caustic mastering source I'm sure not all of the work wanting two do with mastering is complete.

Something is probably missing from how the developer mr. R.e.j. himself thinks.

Just chill bro with those negative vibes. Its gonna work it self out pretty soon. Caustic warrior from 2012

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@derrtiblu the apps

@derrtiblu the apps development is clearly dead in.my eyes, Rej doesn't really interact with anyone anymore and the code was partially open sourced which in my eyes means he's moved on. Now if we could code or reverse engineer the code we could add some much desired things. In my eyes I just wish there was a dedicated slicer or some more modules for modular.

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If Rej is burned out, I can't

If Rej is burned out, I can't blame him. Caustic was a massive undertaking, and remains unrivaled today by companies with many working to compete with what he accomplished on his own.  
Instead of looking at Caustic as dead, I like to look at as "Complete."
If there's no financial incentive for him to add new features, which he mentioned the last version did not pay off for him, than we can't blame him. Users always have unlimited appetite for feature creep.
I don't have any requests for new features. My only request is that he keeps Caustic working.
Google is frequently altering Android in ways that makes old apps no longer work. I have lost so many of my favorite functions, features and apps to do this. Caustic has already weathered one Android API change. The loss of Caustic I could not bear, because it has no equal or superior. All of it's competitors I find inferior.




end of line.

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@ deluxe..... We can tell u

@ deluxe..... We can tell u have not been around long in this forum. The style ofthe developer of caustic has stated his care for such forum. Its about us. and what we do.

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Rej didn't open source any

Rej didn't open source any code, that was my code(teotigraphix) in github years ago.

I am still working on my apps, this year was toast, burnt. I am getting to release stuff I planned to a year ago.