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Hardstyle track for a soon to be ep!

I've been wanting to make an ep for a while, but can never find any ideas nor keep inspiration for long enough to finish all the songs. I really want to change that, so with song and maybe 4 to 5 others. I'll break my streak and release my first ep (ever) by january of next year!

As for the song. The song is supposed to give a more early 2010s euphoric hardstyle vibe since I really prefer it over rawphoric and rawstyle/xtra raw. I'm not completely sure if I hit this one right on the mark, but I think it came out really well! It's a bit of a slow burner until the drop's buildup which i like in my hardstyle songs (all of my hardstyle tracks have 3 buildups, 2 for the drops and one for the leads intro before the drop buildup) but from what i've found most don't as my songs tend to drag on too long in most opinions. But I don't like making midintros so this is kinda my compromise, if thats' a way to put it. I don't know. I'm still working on finding my definite style, and all criticism is welcome and wanted, no matter how negative or demeaning it might come off as. Thanks!