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Suggested improvements for the next version of Caustic

Hi people. I've been using Caustic 3 on my tablet and phone as my main music production tool for over two years now (i no longer have a desktop computer or my hardware studio - avoid relationships guys, unless you want to lose everything… not that l that I'm bitter or anything, lol).

I love the current version, BUT I Do have some wants and wishes for the next version (please tell me there'll be a caustic 4!).
I'm going to list some ideas. It'd be great to hear your ideas too.

1 A way to embed written notes in a project. Maybe under the "tools" menu.

2 The option to clone a machine. Ie the machine, its settings, notes and automation. This could be a third action along with "replace" and "delete" when you long press a machine. (I know there are work arounds for this, but a one step procedure would be more efficient.

3 A way to drop markers in the sequencer. You could have a marker button on the sequencer page between the select tool and the note value/ zoom tool. Short press to drop a mark. Long press to bring up a drop down menu of current markers.

4 An hh:mm:ss song position read out. This could fit below the "delete" button and beside the end of the scroll bar in the bottom right hand corner of the sequencer window.

5 Automation tools. A way to have more control over automation… so say, a tool that let's you drag a straight line/ curve over automation values.
Also a way to randomise selected automation values. So for eg, select a bunch of hi hat notes and randomise the velocity values for all of those hits.

6 Fx automation labels. Currently FX automation tracks aren't specifically labelled with the machine they're associated with in the automation sequencer view. It would be useful to have the machine track number (ie 1 thru 14) added to the fx labels. Perhaps in the bottom right corner of each automation track label. Or even in the background of the sequencer display, similar to the way sample names are handled in patterns.

7 A value read out for knobs and faders would be useful… so a small number or percentage value that appears next to the knob or fader as you adjust it. Just for a little bit more precision.

8 16 Bar patterns.

Nothing ground breaking there. Pretty much QOL improvements.
More than happy to pay double for the app to see it developed a little more, it's just that damn good.

Love to hear your ideas

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Hi, do you really expect some

Hi, do you really expect some update, when there wasn't any in 3 years?:)

imo longer patterns would not do much unless there is option to zoom out the sequencer more - which would be my main request.



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First of all, I don't think

First of all, I don't think so there will be something called "Caustic 4".
And secondly if there were no updates from the past 4 to 5 years, don't expect for the update. I know it hurts but can't helped.
But if Rej would definitely be interested for an update , he would have a long time before cause we have discussed a lot regarding the expected things for an update. So from there Rej would definitely had got ideas for updates but maybe due to some issues he could not do it. But Still "CAUSTIC NEVER DIES"!!!

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Rej has a family he loves,

Rej has a family he loves, love is time and Rej gave the time to his family.

Will Rej do the phoenix after his kids get old enough that he has more time for Audio?

Only Rej knows.

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I doubt rej will make any

I doubt rej will make any other updates. I have resigned myself.

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This really makes me wish Rej

This really makes me wish Rej would/could open source the code and let a community work on updating this awesome software.

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I could really use audio

I could really use audio tracks but as stated by many people before, Rej should only care about his family and himself. Caustic is already great and keeps a lot of people happy.  Merry Christmas Rej!

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Even an update with no

Even an update with no features would be nice - at least prevent the "This app was built for an older version of Android and may not work properly. Try checking for updates, or contact the developer" warning message...

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Honestly I think it's a bit

Honestly I think it's a bit of a shame that he doesn't keep up on at least arbitrary updates with fulfilling small feature requests such as the ones requested here. I know family always comes first but seeing as the main work is been completed one would think that it wouldn't take too much time out of his life to do so. Perhaps there's other underlying situations afoot. I don't want to get too much into his business, but it does really really suck!

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Not going to be an update at

Not going to be an update at this rate. Especially with people stealing the APK.

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I know that Rej really

I know that Rej really admired the work of ImpulseTracker creator Jeffrey Lim. I so much wish that Rej one day would follow in Jeffreys footsteps and go Open Source. What a new era that would be. Coolest open Source android DAW on our planet. It would be nice if  he unlike Jeffrey would not save it for a 20th year anniversity of the software though.... :)

Anyway, hope Rej is happy with his family, his life and to a lesser degree also for already having brought so much joy to a huge amount of people with Caustic. (Perhaps even including poor people from Africa and elsewhere that pirated this aging beautiful piece of software).

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No update, but after some

No update in sight, but after some time of using it I would like to see a more precise global bpm control down to 2 decimal points. Also would like each stereo channel to have its own BPM to set. Also I would like that many of the controls were not locked into sync, and that they display what frequency they are running at, again at 2 decimal points. Never really found a single use for the octaver effect besides ugly muddy sounds, that could be replaced. Maybe a clock divider module for the modular synth, often I want slower LFOs. So yeah. Also would love the frequency displayed wherever possible. Sometimes I work with numbers and not by feel, and often not in sync. More sync-unlockable/sync free controls like in the master section.