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Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitors for Work Productivity ?

When we talk about more work efficiency then which is more recommended. ? An ultrawide monitor or a dual monitor? Which have you found to be most beneficial to your work environment and why? 


If you had the option to switch to the other, would you?

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I have used dual monitors for

I have used dual monitors for over a decade for dev and would not get an ultra wide, maybe it's habit.

From my perspective and ultra wide has your eyes scan more since it's forcing all applications on one screen or one huge one.

When I dev, I have all reading and notes, backburnner things on the second monitor(peripheral vision). Same with DAWs(VST popups), 3D creation, IDEs, multiwindow things.

Maybe it's due to I am getting older and don't want to change or maybe it's just preference but I do love 2 monitors. With the 3D, I could see wanting 1 more for utility windows and such.