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Let's talk : future....

Hello, my person had recently has own and purchase an apple i pad. (( Native caustic user on android. ))

The lack of caustic updates and the lack of other good comparable android music production apps.

N tracks studio 9 pro,
audio evolution,
g stomper studio producer,
lil drum machine,
sun vox
and caustic is the top android apps for solid stable music production ((( if i have forgotten any please post below. )))

But what i noticed on apple awhile back beta testing caustic....((( Back around 3.2 - 3.4 beta ))) someone had mentioned audio share issues with caustic. And the problem got cleared up!! Ok. no biggie.

But then....my person learned of audiobus...... ((( What the fudge is dat?!!?!?!??!?!? )))

And learning its ' ' an apple thang ' '

And really gettin' an apple devuce reallyhas help mi two sea the entire device is the studio d.a.w because how well u enter act with so many other apps as a unit. Not separate as task manager issues.

Where the cpu issue glitches is not hung up on 1 app. ((( The cpu hungry guzzlers based on how much is beung processed with the desire sound an artist is going for. )))


The comparison of the 2 platform style of productions : apple is the most innovative hands down!!!

For those dat have stuck soldly android may not sea dat big of a difference.

Its a gamer changer. The amount of apps apple is pushing two out # quality of apps. From the low budget apps. Two low rank apps.

(((( Just focused on making music only!!! )))

1 company has the most apple apps compare two android.

Sugar bytes

I am a believer of their apps r good.
Innovative of concept of effects.
Not standard at all.

Android has alot of knock offs two be good as remote d.a.w possibly. ((( But..... I have none of dat hardware )))

Apple has many attempts at not just remotes for d.a.w.s or hardware or software attempts but much more crossovers two mobile applications of apps.

Companies r making more effort two work with apple.


My person gave this spill two have others thinking on similar spill of what our developer of caustic is going thru and thinking.

Which has tonz of possiblities of what is on his coding plate.

Many different thangs.@ once!!!