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Caustic Tape




I started to use Caustic in 2017.

Made my first beat using a cheap smartphone running android in the same year.

I also joined the Caustic Group where I spent big time uploading beats.

Was a journey since i have opened caustic for the first time, since I don't use Caustic anymore.

I thought was a good idea to make a beat tape dedicated to the app.

All beats were zipped on my Pc, from 2017 to early 2020.

They're all "Raw, sampled - old school - Jazzy - lofi - based" hiphop beats.

It's only my "Thank you" and "See you later" translated in beats.

Rest in Beats Caustic. Hope I can touch your soul with this.


Fabiano Mauricio "Aka" Dizzy_the_kid



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Nice im gonna take a listen

Nice im gonna take a listen where is this group at i would like to join

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Absolut Genius Work!!! :D

Absolut Genius Work!!! :D