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What to do now with so much music?

Ive always avoided sharing the music ive made with people. Its like when i make something new and better than the last. It is the best feeling in the world. Some people make huge songs with all the f/x and tracks they can use. Ive always tried to make a beat that catches you with instantly. Being self taught and knowing zero about music theory and chords etc. It was a struggle just to make a few notes sound good together. People look at samples and loops like your stealing or trying to take from someone else. I just used loops as my starting point for a long time. The basics of the beat then i wa good. Now i know so much more and learn day by day more. I just wanna share my experience is all. Maybe theres another person stuck in life and losing all hope dealing with so much pain and hurt. Addiction and relationships and choices made. Ive never had much and ive always had to fight and work overtime to get just a lil ahead. Ive had best friends and wives and family do things worse than any enemy i ever had in life. No one can take this or tell there version of it. I created all of these beats. Maybe not every sound in some but it takes just as much skill putting random ass loops u found online. Into something that sounds like it wasnt made on a broken tablet and hand me down laptop that the screen is falling off of. Im not the best or worst. I just wanna show my kids that if u love something so much and do all u can to learn it. Dedicate yourself to anything cause its not for nothing.

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Just post it (best of yours),

Just post it (best of yours), cos if you don't, they are (most of the ppl)

- do not even get know that you was (or will) making your music, get the idea?


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> I just wanna show my kids

> I just wanna show my kids that if u love something so much and do all u can to learn it

Out of anything you said, this makes the difference. "These others" are something they define with cheesy adds and gold chains, to keep you away.

Just teach your kids the love music. :)