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Ghost Note Keeps Playing in Song

For some reason, there is a note playing that I've never put in the track.  It plays in the same place every time, same note, but in the PCMSynth, in the notation grid, that note does not exist.  I never put it there, it's not written anywhere, yet it plays every time, and I don't want it in the song.  Short of trying to reprogram the entire song (which would be a giant pain after spending hours on this), is there something that can be done?  And hopefully something where I don't even have to remove and replace the synth, I have it all mixed down already, and would have to try and get the mixing and effects panels to be the same again. 

Thank you

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Maybe you dropped a note on

Maybe you dropped a note on the piano roll by accident.  It's not part of any pattern so you won't see it in there.

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Maybe in the song sequencer

Maybe in the song sequencer and not the pattern bank?

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yes, it may happen to record

yes, it may happen to record accidentally into the piano roll of the sequencer; otherwise, you may identify the machine and pattern that plays the wrong note and "mark all", then you see whether the number is correct or of there are hidden notes somewhere; to repair you can mark correct notes (single, per time or range) and copy them to another pattern, then "mark all" of the old pattern and clear them; single notes that are displayed wrong can be repaired by some shiftings