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Share your Caustic Presets on Single Cell Software

Registered users can now share their own Caustic presets using the site interface and have others use their sounds. See the post below for step by step directions; http://www.singlecellsoftware.com/node/196 Currently *.subsynth, *.pcmsynth and *.beatbox are supported. Demo and tutorial *.caustic songs could be next on the list. Mike

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I just made up this Chants

I just made up this Chants and GUN FX with PCMSYNTH...I also added a little extra something...pls let me know when you use any of my sounds

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Just a few of my samples.

Just a few of my samples. Majority are spoken and left uncut and unrinsed. Everything from Cheech and Chong to me and my little kid

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Legacy by Khestune

I made this hottest hip hop track with caustic 3, it will blow your mind...

khestune Recordz