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Cybernetics - IllogicalR

So, 'bout a year ago, I made this track "cybernetics," this is a drum n bass track with dissonance and orchestral instruments mixed in. This one took me 3 days to pop out because it just kept feeding me with inspiration as I went on, it was one of those "This is sexy" kind of tracks that make you keep going. 
At the point of making this, I was in music and had Caustic for 2.5 years and had absolute love for modular and I still love modular. I'm moving to Reason 11; however, I've still got a load of Caustic projects that need to stay in Caustic and be finished there. Who knows when I'll finish them, but when I do they should appear here.. Just not a year after the fact. Anywho here's the newgrounds link to the track, enjoy.
Newgrounds Link: