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Please help! How do I do a good mix in Caustic?

My mixes sound great in MY headphones but sound terrible in other headphones or on other speakers. I am using Sony MDR-V6 headphones with Caustic on my Samsung S6 phone. 

It is usually the bass frequencies that are way too much for the other sounds which makes me think I may need a preamp to better drive my headphones in the low end so that I won't be compensating by turning up the bass in the mix but I'm not sure if that actually makes any sense or not. 

I have heard plenty of songs by you guys here and on YouTube made with Caustic that are mixed very well and I assume many are made using headphones. Do I need to get a pair of studio monitors and use those for my final mix or can it be done with just headphones?

All help is truly appreciated!

Thank you.


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this a great video about

this a great video about getting a clean mix:

Also, use the Caustic Mastering app to add final touches to your mix:


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You kinda do have to test

You kinda do have to test your mixes on alot of different systems, thats jus how the world turns mai g.

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Thanks Furious5 and the other

Thanks Furious5 and the other guy with the long name!

I'll check out the video.

Anybody have any recommendations for headphones that work well for them with Caustic?

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I bought Sony MDR-7506 and

I bought Sony MDR-7506 and Audio Technica m30x. They lack bass on both of them so you EQ too much bass when you're producing.  I also got AKG-K181.. They sound great! But, aint comfortable to wear as the clamp on your ears..

I'd probably buy Beyer Dynamic dt-770 pro (80ohm) next time.. I hear a lot of good things about them..

Daniele Zummo
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Personally, a piece of advice

Personally, a piece of advice I give you is to have some songs of the same genre that you do as a reference.

Another piece of advice I give you is to try listening to your songs on the car stereo. Can help.

Don't use headphones or speakers that your ears aren't used to: that is, don't listen to yours in speakers or headphones if your ears aren't used to the sound of that type of speaker and headphone.

I always listen to my music on my smartphone and always with the usual speakers. I don't use anything else because my ears are used to just one device and I'm with these speakers.

Finally, I use 30 euro headphones: nothing engineering but they are right as it does not have too many highs or lows.

I can't tell you the model though, I no longer have the box.

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I don't have an Android

I don't have an Android device, but on iOS and Mac I use an app by Toneboosters called Morphit. It has many presets for different headphone profiles. It basically EQ's your headphones to a more neutral response. On Android, Morphit is available as a plugin for an app called "USB Audio Player Pro." I'm assuming you would be able to load up your exported Caustic song and get a better idea of how it "really" sounds. I can't comment on any setup involving using this to mix Caustic live, but like I said, I don't have an Android device. 

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i do everything about caustic

i do everything about caustic 3 on my phone, so for the pass 5 months i been using my brand new cb-1 and Grado sr80e headphones, and since then my mixes has improved alot and yes i mean alot, because before that i was using beats by dre ( dont use then for creating mixing or master your music ) because beats headphones are not ment for that, anyways the cb-1 and Grado.are very good because they are flat frequency response headphones which is what you really want for mixing and mastering, flat frequency response headphones are reference headphones because flat frequency headphones means tha you will hear the natual sound of the instruments or sounds so yes thats what you wants for your mix and mastering with the singlecell apps !!

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