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Searching for partner/ app programmer for a substantial agmentation of caustic

So I have raised this topic a couple times in the past couple years, but I am still searching for a competent app programmer. I have a pretty promising idea for a streamlined addition of caustic for those who do not use anything but the beatbox, PCM, and module stations; thus omitting the remaining ones, as they are based on creating their own waves to produce sounds. I'd like to enable the PCM & module with the different functions that the omitted synths we're given, as that would provide a more complete functionality of the two, & even beatbox where applicable. As it stands currently, I'm able to get some of that kind of capability with the use of midi controllers & mixers. Man, it would be really nice to consolidate like that bcuz I drifted from utilizing the wave synthesis keyboards in like 2013 in exchange for samples and sf2's. My continuing quest to make up for the lack of vst's is another reason for yearning for this consolidated edition also, with always cookin up techniques for emulating popular effects & so on. I have gone as far in my daydreaming as to create a graphical representation of the augmented version, naming it tentatively "ballerz edition". It would also have a few other things added & improved like being able to record longer, & a more comprehensive editing window in general. Also including the effects from the mastering app would be a big difference in overall sound sculpture. So if there's any one who is interested in this kind of upgraded edition of Caustic, I'm ready & willing to get it off the ground asap! I unfortunately lack the coding & programming prowess the I'm sure many caustic warriors do possess. Together, we can certainly achieve a collaborative upgrade worthy of a thumbs up from Raj himself! Hope to hear back from some of you guys, thanks for your time!!

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I know nothing about coding

I know nothing about coding but you have my full support here

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I do not think you will be

I do not think you will be able to steal any coding from caustic, but you can always start from zero and make your app dream a reality.

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You don't have the source

You don't have the source code nor permission to do so.... Not gonna happen