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Maxi Rios
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Parent directory button just gone!

As title says, the "go-to-parent-directory" just disappears after an update of my Samsung Galaxy A12 with Android 11… i use that button a lot. To mix sounds of different presets of beatbox, or load them in PCM synth or just search a sample that is in my download folder… I know Caustic did not get an update since 2017 but… is thare anything i or Rej can do to fix this?

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Yeah, that happens to me too

Yeah, that happens to me too when I update mines to android 11.  I don't know if there is a fix but hopefully, there will be a fix to this in the future.

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Hey, just wanted to know

Hey, just wanted to know whether the problem is fixed or not cause I just got my new phone with Android 11 and looks like I m facing the same issues
Any solution Rej?

Sawiton M. Teevee
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Get an older used iPhone or

Get an older used iPhone or iPad. Caustic works great even on older models. The hard truth is there will probably NOT be any update to Caustic to address the file access issue. There are a couple of other recent threads talking about it. I think there was a workaround mentioned. But I'm almost certain there will be NO Caustic update. One can hope, but I wouldn't bet on it. Unfortunately.