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Caustic 3.3 / 4

I was wondering if Caustic 3.3 / 4 came out, I was wishing for some of these new features:

  • Stereo Volume meter on SubSynth, BassLine, PadSynth, 8BitSynth, Vocoder, FMSynth, and KSSynth.
  • Stereo support for Vocoder. PCMSynth and BeatBox maximum audio length raised to 1 minute.
  • Advanced MIDI export. Custom waveform support or PWM for SawSynth. PCMSynth sample limit raised to 88 or 89.
  • Keyboard range raised to 88 (adds A0, A#0, and B0) or 89 (adds C#8, D8, D#8, and E8) Accurate automation.
  • Allows to add up to 28, 42, or 84 machine per Song.
  • More Modular components.
  • Polyphony raised from 8 to 16. Monophonic option for PadSynth, Organ, and KSSynth.
  • Polyphonic 8BitSynth and Modular.
  • Polyphonic Glide.
  • Able to save presets for Vocoder.
  • More time signatures. 128th and 256th notes. 3rd, 6th, 48th, 96th, and 192nd tuplets notes.
  • Custom LFO waveform for SubSynth and PCMSynth. Patterns raised to 16, 32, or 64 Measures per pattern.
  • 64 More patterns totaling of 128. More Harmonic bars for the PadSynth.
  • 5th, 10th, 20th, 40th, 80th, and 160th tuplet notes.
  • 7th, 14th, 28th, 56th, 112th, and 224th tuplet notes. Improved Skin files.
  • Bigger Modular slot.
  • Allowing Symbols to name presets, Machine name, songs, etc.
  • Unicode characters.
  • Language support.
  • Pattern automation for the effects, mixer, and master knob.
  • Autosave
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Dream on ... i only wanted

Dream on ... i only wanted audio tracks ;-) it's not going to happen. Family first and rightfully so!

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There is immediate family and

There is immediate family and the larger family. We are as much family as anyone else. There is a connectedness with us all. We suffer too.

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Surely someone can mod the pc

Surely someone can mod the pc version to add a lot of amazing features if that never happensthe whole idea of anything new coming to caustic is kinda far fetched at this point as the last update was in 2017. As i see it the only thing that sparks any sort of hope that caustic might have some sort of update in the future is the fact that this site is still up. once the site goes down, i feel, that'd be the death of caustic in terms of anything new coming to it. 


Daniele Zummo
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There will be no caustic 3.3

There will be no caustic 3.3 or 4, this is the latest update, at least for a few years.

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I'm still using Caustic on

I'm still using Caustic on the latest version of iOS and everything works fine. At this stage I'd suggest using it for what it does (which is a lot IMHO) and if that's not enough it's time to look elsewhere.