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Samples in PCMSynth being heavily distorted at times

I'm finding this repeating often enough it needs to be reported.  I load a sample into the PCMSynth and go into the wave editor, and play it, and it gets all sorts of warped, pitching up and down randomly.  I went to the original file and played it with VLC to make sure it had properly downloaded to my computer, and it plays perfectly.  Something is happening inside Caustic that is screwing it up and making it unusable... sad, but just another kick to work from FL instead... I really like the ease of Caustic when it works, but when it doesn't... unusable.

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What format are those files?

What format are those files? Sounds like a sample rate issue. I tend to feed Caustic 44.1 or 48k 16 bit wav files to prevent indigestion. I have found that some other formats don't play back correctly or can even cause crashing.