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Is there a note amount limit?

So when i was working on a project, i copied many notes to make chords. But i found that if there are 512(maybe) notes in one pattern, Caustic crashes when you click somewhere in the pattern.

I really don't know if this only happens on my computer, and, to better explain, i made a short video about this.


You can try it yourself... i guess.

So is there a way to adjust the limit?

(Sorry if there is bad grammar, English is not my native language.)

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Yes, there is a note limit

Yes, there is a note limit for caustic 3 per pattern.

The maximum pattern per note is 512 and the only way to adjust the limit is that if your pattern reaches 512 note, you can :


Undo  your work:



or you can

Select all and  delete the entire pattern:



Hopefully one of these solutions can help adjust the note limit.

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It helped, 

Huge thanks!! :D