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womble dung
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Ronette Way (Smalltoon Entity Demo Mx) Hard Acid Trance

(IS IT JUST ME? OR, IS THE SOUNDCLOUD EMBED NOT SHOWING? IN WHICH CASE HERE IT IS AGAIN: https://soundcloud.com/user-934088877/ronette-way-smalltoon-entity-demo-mx )
Demo ready to grow for Springtime. Faster re-working of an earlier groove written to partner with sections of Bronski Beat 'Small Town Boy'. But once speeded up, I tried a second version minus the bronski Beat additions, and just went native, and it ended up like this. So far.
Raw Stems: Caustic 3.2 ,

                     Roland Aira TB-3.

DAW:           Ableton Live 10.

Mixer:          Roland Aira MX-1 .

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Really cool

Really cool

绿 黄 黑 红 蓝 粉 绿蓝.

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I had not been here in a bit.

I had not been here in a bit.  Checked back just in time for some good Ole Caustic trance.  Thanks.