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Hi everyone,

I've been away for a while now, and I see more and more people saying online, that the developer is no longer interested / has abandoned Caustic, as there have been no further updates - is this true?
Also, my Samsung A50 says "this app was designed for an older version of Android and might not work properly?
(I usually use Caustic on my aging Huawei G7, but decided to install it on my everyday phone (A50) recently.)

I must say, I immedietly noticed that although it's a bigger screen, Caustic doesn't white fit, it's about 1/2mm too big for this screen?

Many thanks


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Lol, looks like this site is

Lol, looks like this site is kinda abadoned before I joined.

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It's such a shame. I've been

It's such a shame. I've been using caustic as my main daw for about 7 years now. It's amazingly fast to throw tracks together, but has become increasingly un-useable with each Android update. So frustrating. 

I wish rej would just sell the app to a new dev group that care about the product. It could be so much more than what it's become. 

Sigh and of course all you ever get in these forums threads is ridiculous over the top fan boys screeching "leave rej alone whaaa!" 

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When I just joined, this site

When I just joined, this site was already abandoned.

Well, still see some caustic users on youtube but not as much here.