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Caustic not suitable for Android 11?

Hi guys,

So I've finally downloaded Caustic 3 into my general use phone Samsung Galaxy A50 and I get a message saying this app was built for an older version of Android - (see pic) I tried to see if I was using the latest version and I am. I uninstalled and reinstalled, still same thing.
It works fine on my Huawei P9 Lite and Huawei G7, both old phones. Any ideas?
Ok so I just tried to upload the pic but it must be . caustic....... Grrrrrr.... Tried to rename, same story - more Grrrrrr....

Can anybody just send me a regular email address so I can upload the screenshot?

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I'm sure that compatibility

I'm sure that compatibility problem would be solved if caustic was no longer thought of as a mobile app and sent to the major leagues as a system for some Akai or Denon Dj controller in Engine OS. Running a copy of Caustic on a Prime Go while mixing as Groovebox wouldn't hurt. There would not be the typical compatibility problem since it would be a single architecture. That would be the best way to reactivate such a powerful app. We have to stop underestimating Caustic and give him the chances he deserves.