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Left-handed piano

Caustic Song file (optional): 


Here's a pcmsynth preset for any left-handed people who ever wondered if they'd have an easier time learning to play a piano if it wasn't designed only for people with a right-dominant hand.

The preset is big (68Mb) because it has installed in reverse most of the 88 piano key samples shared here (trimmed to no longer than 5s each):


The piano notes from A0 to E7 are reversed around D4 (the one note where it normally would be), so C4 (the C below it) is played by hitting E4 (the E above it) and vice versa. Each octave is like this:


Any conventional midi keyboard, connected to a device running Caustic with this preset, should therefore function as a ready to roll left-handed piano, minus a few notes above E7.

Which raises the question of how to learn to play a bass-ackward piano, if there's no way to be taught?  step in a service which allows you to flip YouTube tutorial videos over, just by replacing "youtube" in the address with "mirrorthevideo". 


Will it help? It's too soon to tell, but I thought it worth a go. Feedback especially welcome from left-handed people who learned to play the piano well the correct (i.e. ONLY) way - how does it feel the other way? 

I will hopefully soon be able to set up an equivalent Fender Rhodes next, without having to re-sample a whole keyboard to do so. 

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cool, it's almost the same

cool, it's almost the same when I did my reversed grand piano sound in my vol 2

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Hi Very nice indeed :)


Very nice indeed :)